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  • Valuation / BPO Request

    Don't Go To A Very Expensive Real Estate Seminar On Your Next Purchase...

    • About to pull the trigger on a property and want a second opinion?  
    • New investor and you're not sure if the Agent representing you is more concerned about his commission check than telling you what the property is really worth?  
    • Seasoned investor and you just want a second opinion so you don't leave money on the table?  
    • You don't want to pay high appraisal fees for a report that is more past looking than forward looking ahead based on supply and demand?

    Then hire a firm that is trusted by dozens of lenders / servicers in doing these same reports on their foreclosures for over 15 years.  We have done thousands of these are most importantly doing these on our current inventory.  That means we have specialized knowledge with offers on properties throughout Miami-Dade giving us a taste as to what to expect when your property goes on the market.  Let an UNBIASED third party look at the property and tell you what it's really worth.  Our fees are not negotiable and are worth much more than what we charge.  If you list the property with us in the future (advanced strategy) we will be happy to provide you a credit on this order.  Proceed to the order form below and thanks.